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Icon Amp StationFreyr Amp Station
Freyr Amp Station
Location: Esamir
Facility Type: Amp Station
Capture Time: 3 Minutes
Capture Points: Icon AIcon BIcon C
Shields: 4
Generators: Icon Vertical ShieldIcon Horizontal ShieldIcon Vehicle Shield
Resupply: Icon Aircraft ResupplyIcon Vehicle Resupply
Terminals: Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft Terminal
Turrets: Icon Spear Anti-Vehicle Phalanx TurretIcon Aspis Anti-Aircraft Phalanx Turret

The Freyr Amp Station is an Amp Station, located on the northwest of Esamir close to the Esamir North Western Warpgate .

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Freyr Amp Station features 3 control points that are outside of the main building shields and inside the outer walls. This makes the control points immediately accessible to attacking forces.

Each of the control points has an associated spawn room: taking any control point will allow your faction to spawn from the associated spawn room while denying the controlling faction use of the spawn location.

The controlling faction will be always be able to spawn in the central building spawn room.

With all control points controlled capture time is only 3 minutes. With only 2 control points held capture time is 7 minutes. The facility cannot be captured by holding only one control point.

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