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Frag Grenade
Frag Grenade
The standard frag grenade, capable of heavily damaging infantry targets.
3 second fuse.
Usable By: Icon InfiltratorIcon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Resource Cost: 50Icon resource nanites 128
Max Indirect Damage: 1275 before 1m
Min Indirect Damage: 10 after 6.5m

The Frag Grenade is the standard issue grenade for all non-MAX infantry classes. The fuse is 3 seconds, and it will detonate to deal damage to all lightly-armored targets.

When a Frag Grenade lands near a player they will be shown a pulsating red grenade icon in the direction of the grenade warning them of its presence, regardless of the faction that threw it,

Frag Grenades will only damage the most lightly armored of targets, being infantry, MAXes, and Flashes, as well as the Engineer's deployables.

To throw a Frag Grenade, press the Use Grenade hotkey (G by default). You will throw it using your right arm after a short animation.

Ribbons and MedalsEdit

With any explosive, it is possible to get both Ribbons and Medals. Each Ribbon is a standard reward for achieving a set amount of kills with an explosive. Medals relate to how many overall kills you have with the explosive.


Ribbon Icon Requirements
Frag Grenade Service Ribbon
Explosive Ribbon
10 kills.

See more available ribbons on the Service Ribbons page.


Medal Icon Requirements Certification Rewards
No Medal
Medal Empty
0 kill No Reward
Copper Medal
Medal Copper
10 kills 2 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Silver Medal
Medal Silver
60 kills 10 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Gold Medal
Medal Gold
160 kills 20 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Auraxium Medal
Medal Araxium
1160 kills 200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25

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