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Forward Grip
Forward Grip
A forward grip increases control of the weapon, reducing horizontal recoil by 25%(33% Advanced).
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Cert Cost (Basic): 100Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost (Basic): 75Icon Daybreak Cash
Cert Cost (Advanced): 200Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost (Advanced): 150Icon Daybreak Cash

The Forward Grip is a Rail Attachment available for all Assault Rifles, Carbines, LMGs, SMGs, Battle Rifles, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Semi-Auto/Auto Shotguns.

Foregrips allow a user to maintain better control over their weapon during sustained fire by reducing horizontal recoil. Vertical Recoil is not affected by the foregrip. Forward grips add to the equip time as penalty to the weapon in which they are installed.

Advanced Forward GripEdit

An advanced version is available on one rifle per rifle category, and serves to enhance this horizontal recoil reduction.

Stats[1] Edit

Stat Basic Forward Grip Advanced Forward Grip
Horizontal Recoil per shot -25% -33%
Maximum Horizontal Spread tolerance -0.05 degrees
Equip time on Assault RiflesLMG +100ms-150ms
Equip time on Carbines +150ms (+110ms on AC-X11)
Equip time on Sniper RiflesBattle Rifles and Scout Rifles +100ms
Equip time on Shotguns +20ms
Equip time on SMG +50ms
Vertical Recoil on Sniper Rifles -15%

References Edit

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