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Flash Suppressor
Flash Suppressor
A flash suppressor makes the shooter less visible to the enemy, but will increase the range at which you'll appear on enemy minimaps.
Empire: Logo ns
Cert Cost: 100Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost: 75Icon Daybreak Cash

The Flash Suppressor is a barrel attachment, that will better direct the muzzle flash of a discharged weapon, effectively hiding it from view. This addon will not muffle the sound of the weapon nor hide the shooter's location on the minimap. As of game update 2016-01-14 the Flash Suppressor no longer increases cone of fire recoil by 20%.

Unlike the suppressor, the flash suppressor will not cause rounds to lose muzzle velocity, and so round damage will not be reduced. This makes the flash suppressor preferable over suppressors during night time engagements at medium-to-long range. It's main drawback is the increase of the auto detection range on the minimap by 15m. Normal; auto detection range from firing is 40m for carbines and assault rifles, while LMG's are 50m. Additionally, it will help your aim as the muzzle flash won't obscure your vision when you are ADS.

Stats Edit

  • +15m minimap auto detection range[1]

References Edit

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