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Flash Grenade
Flash Grenade Cert Icon
Upon detonation, the Flash Grenade will temporarily blind, deafen, and reduce the accuracy of infantry within its blast radius, making it perfect for breaching crowded rooms.
3 second fuse.
Usable By: Icon Light Assault
Resource Cost: 25Icon resource nanites 128
Max Stock: 40
Max Indirect Damage: 10 before 10m
Min Indirect Damage: 1 after 20m

The Flash Grenade is a grenade available to the Light Assault. Upon explosion, Grenade will blind, deafen, and increase minimum cone of fire by 20% of affected enemies. They will cost 25 resources for each grenade and cost 200 certification points to unlock.


Benefit spawnTimer icon 64
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Flash grenades are capable of affecting both friendlies and enemies and have a large area of effect. So caution should be taken when using them. They will also effect MAXs, but not vehicles. They ignore line of sight, so the blinding effect can go through objects like walls. There is no hit marker shown for the player throwing the grenade to show that it affected another player. Flash grenades like other tactical grenades throw "heavier" than frag grenades and tend to have less bounce upon hitting an object. They will detonate 3 seconds after impact and will not air detonate, which means that they need to impact on a surface to detonate. The grenade's complete effect duration is 6.5 seconds but visibility starts to be restored after 5 seconds.

Flash grenades also lose effectiveness the further away a player is from the initial blast zone, but the effect will still last for the same amount of time regardless of how close you are to the blast. Currently(Game Update 3) looking away from a flash grenade will not effect the effectiveness of the grenade, but this may change in future updates. The effect of a flash grenade will not effect whether or not you can see UI/HUD elements, so player markers, names and terminal icons will still be visible. The flash grenade also has a unique detonation sound, which can be in the video by WarpathWrel below.


A problem with using the flash grenade over standard Frag Grenades, is that because of the large area of effect it can sometimes to be difficult to cover ground over to enemies which you have used the grenade on as you need to stay out of the grenades radius to not be disorientated yourself.

Implants Edit

Ocular Shield implant will reduce effects of grenade for infantry depending on the tier of implant:

  1. 15%
  2. 18%
  3. 23%
  4. 30%
  5. 30%; and 5 sec immunity from Medical or Restoration Kit.

If somebody around you resist effects of Flash Grenade(Or any other grenade) this icon Icon implants hud resist will be shown on your HUD.


Level Cost Description
1 200Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Upon detonation, this Flash Grenade will temporarily blind, deafen, and reduce the accuracy of infantry within its blast range, making it perfect for breaching crowded rooms.

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History Edit

  • October 24, 2016 Update
    • Fuse from 1.5sec. to 3sec. (this is a reversion back to the original fuse timer)
    • Affected enemies have their minimum cone of fire increased by 20%


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