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First Strike Team is a dedicated bunch of NC soldiers who enjoying playing the gaming and having fun. We are located on the Connery server and are led by our glorious leader, viewtfuljoe61.

Our GoalEdit

1STS is dedicated to having a fun and organized experience in game, and our outfit have multiple divisions to conform to pretty much any planetside 2 play style.

Short History of 1STSEdit

First Strike Team started when several officers became unhappy about how the outfit they were in was being run, and decided to start First Strike Team. As they brought many high ranking members with them, we have a highly developed command structure.

First Strike Team DivisionsEdit

First strike team has a multitude of divisions that cater to pretty much any play style, and new ones are being added as needed. Below is a short description of each division. Strike Teams- The backbone of 1STS, strike teams are our main squads, and is where a majority of our players play. They are our big size, big hitting units. They do everything from infantry movements to large scale vehicle assaults.

Crazy Horse- Crazy Horse division is our dedicated armor force, they are constantly in their tanks/sundies and are always taking the fight to the enemy.

Death Jesters- Our air superiority unit, they are the kings of the skies. Led by the aerial ace, maples, if you've gotten on the bad side of these guys, and are in their sights, you are as good as dead.

Shadows- The Shadows are a tightly woven group, and practically the smallest Division of the outfit. That being said if you want to run with a group of guys who excel at what they do, at the same time covering one another backs. Shadows is where it's at; however, if you wish to: Farm Certs, run your mouth off in Teamspeak, not listen to orders, cause problems for the Shadows, and think it is funny killing your fellow teammates, by all means join the Terran Republic, or Vanu Sovereighty Factions and we at Shadow will be more than Happy to put a bullet in your Head.

What you will find as a 1STS memberEdit

-players ranging from casual to hardcore and everything in between, Team speak users, and a well oil command structure with approachable leaders

This sounds awesome, how do I join up?Edit

We run recruiting squads/platoons almost every day, so just hop in, see if you like our style, and ask any of our members to invite you. Also you can go to our website, join up there, hop on teamspeak, and ask for an invite to the outfit.

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