Most weapons in Planetside 2 have several fire modes available to them. By default the fire modes can be cycled using the B key.


Automatic ammo readout
Pressing the fire button will fire bullets at the fire rate for the weapon until either the fire button is released or the magazine is empty.


3x burst ammo readout
Pressing the fire button will fire a single group of bullets. If there aren't enough bullets in the magazine for a complete group of bullets, the group will consist of however many bullets are left in the magazine.

For example: The Gauss Compact Burst has a 2x Burst fire mode. When in this mode, pressing the fire button will fire a group of 2 bullets. If there is only 1 bullet left in the magazine before the weapon is fired in burst mode, the final group will consist of that 1 bullet, not the group of 2 usually fired.


Pump action icon
Between each shot, a pump-action or bolt-action weapon requires a re-arm sequence to be performed. This is automatically performed, but slows down the fire-rate between each shot when compared to a semi-automatic weapon.


Single shot ammo readout
Pressing the fire button will fire a single bullet, and then stop. Another bullet will not be fired until the fire button has been released and then pressed again.

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