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Extended Magazine
Extended Mags
Increases the available ammunition per magazine by a set amount, dependent on the weapon.
Empire: Logo ns
Cert Cost: 100Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost: 75Icon Daybreak Cash
Cert Cost (MAX): 500Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost (MAX): 400Icon Daybreak Cash

The Extended Magazine is a rail attachment available for some LMGs, all Shotguns, some of the Submachine Guns, all MAX AI weapons and all current NSX weapons. It increases the magazine size of the weapon by up to 50%, 100% or a certain amount of rounds of the base magazine count. This does not increase the total ammunition pool, just the ammunition size of the magazine.

For example an M1 Heavy Cycler will hold 90 rounds instead of its original 60 per magazine, but will retain the original ammunition pool of 480 rounds.

Stats Edit

Weapon Type Magazine size increase
Light Machine Guns +100%
Submachine Guns +10 rounds
Semi/Auto Shotguns +4 rounds
Pump Action Shotguns +2 rounds
T7 Mini-Chaingun +100%
Lasher X2 +100%
NC05 Jackhammer +3 rounds
TR MAX AI +50%
VS MAX AI +50%
NC MAX AI +4 rounds
NS-10 Burster and

NS-20 Gorgon

NSX Naginata +50%
NSX Tomoe +2 rounds
NSX Tanto +6 rounds
NSX Yumi +5 rounds
NSX Tengu +4 rounds