The Engineer often is responsible with keeping the vehicle(s) safe from enemies. This becomes a very important role when assaulting a larger outpost such as a Bio LabTech Plant, or Amp Station. Since these facilities are so large, venturing far into them would leave your vehicle(s) without protection. This loadout can also be effective with smaller facilities. Parking a Sunderer in a hidden area such as behind a rock outcrop is often a good idea to avoid detection. This class allows you take out targets while protecting your vehicle(s).


Primary Weapon:Edit

  • Battle Rifle (Might be hidden in the Store and only visible in the cert menu. Battle Rifles can also be used by the Heavy Assault class)

Secondary Weapon:Edit

  • Pistol of your choice


  • Health Kit of choice. C4 and Proximity Mines are advised against due to your long range role. You can also use Vehicle Mines if you want to protect the routes to your vehicle.
  • MANA turret to be used as an ammo pack (press "B" by default when it's in your hand)
  • Repair tool to repair any damage your vehicles may take
  • Spawn Beacon under the circumstance that you are squad leader. Deploy next to a tall object, click redeploy in the map menu, and proceed to guide your pod onto that tall object (this tactic is demonstrated in detail in the video above).


Coming very soon

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