Anti-Vehicle focuses on the Engineer being able to effectively destroy enemy vehicles. Engineers have a few ways to accomplish this.

Primary WeaponEdit

Carbine (medium range) or Shotgun (short range) of choice


  1. Reflex Sight or
  2. Medium range scope (2x) - More preference towards 2x to use as a scoping device as well when checking out movement areas


  • Flash Suppressor - Makes the user less visible to enemy units.


  • Laser Sight (increases accuracy when firing from the hip) - Moving around a lot in order to ensure all teammates vehicles and MAXes are repaired could mean a lot of firing from the hip


Secondary WeaponEdit

Standard issue Pistol or upgrade




Standard Issue melee weapon/knife.


Nano Armor Kit - This is how the Engineer class repairs vehicles, MAXes and other equipment, which the one important ability the Engineer can bring to an assault.

Mana Turret - Good ability to use to support choke points when no one requires repair or assistance. Especially good at keeping enemies locked inside spawn locations while your team takes control of the base.


  1. Utility Pouch - Increases the Engineer's carrying capacity for all explosives (Tank Mines)
  2. Nanoweave Armor (increase health) - Good overall armor choice.
  3. Advanced Shield Capacitor (shortened recharge delay) - Good choice as long as you ensure you are in and out of combat quickly and give the shields time to recharge


  1. Sticky Grenade - Great grenade for overall combat for the Engineer


  1. Tank Mines
  2. C-4 Explosives

These are going to be a player choice with a slight advantage given to Tank Mines for vehicle destruction. C-4 Explosives are effective as well and have the added benefit of also being an effective anti-personnel explosives.

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