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Emerald Immersion [EMLD] is a Planetside 2 Vanu Outfit on the Miller Server. EMLD is renouned for having large open platoons where players are free to join. Emerald Immersion is also a member of The Vanu Accord (TVA), where they regularly communicate with the TVA commanders and outfits. 

EMLD is also a wider gaming community, who also play Minecraft, EVE Online and various other games.

Outfit Leadership StructureEdit

Emerald Immersion's Outfit structure is as follows:

  • MrKoronas - Outfit Leader & Community Leader
  • Able1 - Emerald Immersion Community Co-Leader
  • ARTIFICIALX - Outfit Senior Staff

Special OperationsEdit

Emerald Immersion is currently running a Special Operations Division, comprised of the most senior members of EMLD within Planetside 2. Training is provided to each and every member, and regular drills are hosted on various days.

Social Gameplay AspectsEdit

In Planetside 2, EMLD hosts various events which change weekly. Currently, "Outfit Day" is held on Saturdays, where we participate in events such as Galaxy Tag, Harasser Races and various others.

EMLD Not Enough Buggies on Esamir 09-05-201304:20

EMLD Not Enough Buggies on Esamir 09-05-2013

Not Enough Buggies on Esamir (Harasser Rally)

EMLD members also make their own videos, which are uploaded to their YouTube channel. One notable example is Operation Gauntlet, which was footage of an Outfit event under the same name, with a backstory and extra footage added. 

Operation Gauntlet EMLD - 27-07-1303:25

Operation Gauntlet EMLD - 27-07-13

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