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EMP Grenade
EMP Grenade Cert Icon
Releases a wall-penetrating pulse wave that destroys or disables enemy deployables, resets infantry shields, and scrambles the HUD.
Detonates on impact.
Usable By: Icon Infiltrator
Resource Cost: 50Icon resource nanites 128
Max Indirect Damage: 1 before 1m
Min Indirect Damage: 1 after 15m

EMP grenade are a certification available for the Infiltrator class costing 200 Certification Points to buy and 25 Nanites per grenade. They scramble the HUD, reset infantry personal shields, with lesser effects farther out from the center of the explosion.

Also, EMP will detonate or destroy enemy explosives and equipment — C-4, Anti-Personnel Explosives, Tank Mines, Regeneration Fields, Motion Spotters, Ammunition Packages and Spawn Beacons within its explosion radius, even through the walls. Detonating enemy explosives while there is enemy within radius of explosive, will count as damage done by you.

Enemy engineer turrets caught in the radius of explosion will overheat, and Spitfire Auto-Turret get disabled for a few seconds.


EMP grenade before

Screen before the EMP grenade detonates.

EMP grenade After

Screen after EMP grenade detonates.

EMP grenades are unique to thrown grenades that they explode upon impact rather than bouncing, making them very easy to aim. They do however have a timer and explode in the air if they don't hit anything. EMP grenades also have a large blast and will detonate quicker than standard Frag Grenades. Currently, EMP grenades have a line of sight issue, as an EMP grenade's blast radius can affect players through walls, this means that players affected through a wall will receive different effects compared to someone who was in the blast radius with a line of sight to the grenade/blast directly.

A player who is hit by an EMP grenade through a wall will have their shield start to regenerate immediately, whereas a player who is hit by the full blast will have a delay on shield regeneration. But both players will still have their HUD affected in a similar manner depending on how close to the blast's center they are.

Implants Edit

Ocular Shield implant will reduce effects of grenade for infantry depending on the tier of implant:

  1. 15%
  2. 18%
  3. 23%
  4. 30%
  5. 30%; and 5 sec immunity from Medical or Restoration Kit.

If somebody around you resist effects of EMP Grenade(Or any other grenade) this icon Icon implants hud resist will be shown on your HUD.


Cost Description
200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Allows the Infiltrator to use EMP grenades. EMP Grenades create a blast that can go through walls and destroy most enemy deployables. Soldiers directly caught in the blast will also have their personal shields and HUD disabled for a few seconds.


  • During beta, and possibly other earlier versions of the game, EMP grenades would also affect vehicles, by disabling them and also by locking infantry weapons from firing.

History Edit

  • June 8, 2017 Update
    • Cost from 75 to 50
    • No longer drains ability energy
    • No longer disables Sunderer Deployment Shield
    • (Still drains Minor Cloak implant, Sunderer cloak, and infantry affected by a Sunderer cloak.)
    • No longer clears HUD indicators (but still shows HUD static)
    • Fixed an issue where players within line of sight, and greater than 12 meters, but less than 15 meters would only have their shields reset, instead of take them offline.


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