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Concussion Grenade
Concussion Grenade Cert Icon
The Concussion Grenade disorients targets in the blast area, temporarily blurring vision and hindering motor control.
3 second fuse.
Usable By: Icon Heavy Assault
Resource Cost: 50Icon resource nanites 128
Max Stock: 40
Max Indirect Damage: 100 before 0.5m
Min Indirect Damage: 1 after 10m

The Concussion Grenade is a grenade usable exclusively by the Heavy Assault. When it detonates, it causes a temporary effect on all infantry caught within its blast radius, slowing movement and aiming. Successful use of these grenades allows players to overpower enemies lying in wait behind doors, etc. Concussion Grenade has 3 seconds fuse, and doesn't explode on impact.

Implants Edit

Ocular Shield implant will reduce effects of grenade for infantry depending on the tier of implant:

  1. 15%
  2. 18%
  3. 23%
  4. 30%
  5. 30%; and 5 sec immunity from Medical or Restoration Kit.

If somebody around you resist effects of Concussion Grenade(Or any other grenade) this icon Icon implants hud resist will be shown on your HUD.


Cost Description
200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Slows and disorientates enemies within its blast radius.

Trivia Edit

  • Getting hit by 2 of those grenades results in reversal of mouselook controls, multiplying the effectiveness of the grenade when used with your squadmates.

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