Vex OverviewEdit

The "Vex" is a community designed (un-official) aerial vehicle designed to carry a small amount of infantry. It is more agile than the Galaxy, but is lightly armored and armed. Armaments are primarily anti-personnel weapons to support inserted troops. Please feel free to join the discussion on the Planetside 2 forums here.



The NS Prototype Aerial Insertion Vehicle 'Vex'


Height: Chassis: Appx. 4.5 Meters Tail: Appx. 5.5 Meters
Wingspan: Appx. 16.5 Meters
Length: Appx 15.5 Meters
Default Top Speed with only [W]:  201 KMPH
Default Top Speed with [W] + [Space]: TBD
Default Top Speed with Afterburner: TBD

Hit Points
Default HP: 4000


Utility Slot
  • Scout Radar
  • Fire Suppression
  • Decoy Flares
  • Nanite Inertial Dampeners (A passive utility that prevents forward-momentum damage to troops when deploying. Vertical fall damage still applies.)

Defense Slot
  • Nanite Auto-Repair
  • Guardian Composite Armor (Reduces damage taken on the gunner side.)
  • Vehicle Stealth

Performance Slot
  • Racer High Speed Airframe
  • Hover Stability Airframe
  • High-G Airframe

  • M20 Basilisk (Default)
  • M12 Kobalt
  • M40 Fury

Weapon Optics:
  • Zoom
  • Infrared Optics
  • Thermal Optics

Weapon Ammunition
  • Maximum Ammo Capacity

Weapon Utility
  • Reload Speed

Weapon Attachment
  • Smoke Launcher
  • Spotlight


Original Concept and Current NS Design- Styrkr (TearlessWyvern)

Wikia Page Creator and Curator

  • Lucidius134

Notable Contributors:

  • Styrkr (TearlessWyvern)
  • Lucidius134
  • Sorrowfulwinds
  • Kayth
  • CaptinDread

Thanks to everyone else who participated in the development of the Vex via the forum thread!

(Don't be offended if you're left off the list, there were a lot of contributors and everyone's input helped!)

Size ComparisonEdit


Size Comparison from the Front


Size Comparison from the Top

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