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The phrase "Common Pool" refers to the equipment and vehicles accessible to all three empires. These items were created by the unbiased Nanite Systems manufacturer and usually offer quite a large deal of customization options.

Nanite Systems was once a small company on Earth that researched and developed nanotechnology and worked with the Terran Republic, building prefabricated buildings for the expiditions through the wormhole. Since the end of the early wars on Auraxis, they have branched out to other industries such as rebirth technology, vehicle design, and weapon design.  

NS weapons have neutral color tones of tan, black, and white. The designs are a combination of every empires' characteristics, serving as a middle ground between all three factions in terms of performance. The exception to this rule are the pistols and rocket launchers, these weapons have a emphasis on power over all else.  

Almost all of every Empire's standard equipment (Medical Applicator, Nano-Armor Kits, Recon Detectors) are designed and produced by Nanite Systems. 

The Nanite Systems common pool vehicles are utilized in nearly all battlefield situations, on all sides  Most of these items will cost you 1,000 certification points.

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