Cobalt Terran Assault Forces (CTAF) is a Terran Outfit on server Cobalt (EU) that was created in December 2012. The focus of the outfit is good teamwork. That means that if we play in the same squad, we move together and we help eachother out. Being part of the outfit does not forbid you to play lone wolf or play outside the team but once you join up with the outfit squad, you start playing the team game.

We don't specialize on just one thing and we mix things up a lot so it never gets boring. Once we'll have enough members we're planning to start running specialized squads (armor, air, infiltrator, etc.) inside the outfit so everyone can always join a squad based on what he wants to do at the time.


CTAF is currently open to recruitment. The characteristics we search in new recruits are

  • Can listen and follow orders
  • Can play different classes based on the needs of the team
  • Understands basic concepts of the game - base captures, territory control, generators etc.
  • Preferably can use voice chat although this is not paramount

If you think you qualify and are interested, the best way to get in contact is to add me (Ingame name: PsychoBat) to your friend list and message me ingame using "/tell PsychoBat I'm interested in joining the outfit" or add me on Steam where the userid is psycho_bat.


What to do if you feel your enemy has too much air resources11:10

What to do if you feel your enemy has too much air resources

Here's how our typical day looks like

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