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Named for the pandemonium this highly modified plasma-core shotgun can cause in a surprise ambush, the Chaos' reputation as a very deadly flanking weapon has been well earned.
Cert Cost: N/A Icon resource certpoints 25x25
DC Cost: N/A Icon Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon VS
Can Use: Icon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Weapon Type: Shotguns
Fire Rate: 225 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 275m/s
Effective Range: Short
Fire Modes: Semi-Auto
Headshot Multiplier: 1.5x
ADS Move Speed Multiplier: 0.75x
Max Damage: 100x6 before 5m
Min Damage: 84x6 after 20m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 1.68s
Long Reload: 3.54s
Magazine Size: 8
Ammunition Pool: 48
Pellet Count: 6
Hip Aim
Crouch Still: 1 0.1
Move: 1.5 0.35
Stand Still: 1.5 0.1
Move: 2 0.9
Bloom per Shot: 0 0
Pellets Spread: 3.5 2
Vertical: 2.8
Horizontal, Min/Max: 0.5/0.5
Horizontal Tolerance: 1.5
Angle Min/Max: 0°/0°
Bias: ← = →
Recoil Decrease: 8
First Shot Recoil Multiplier: 1x
Data Sources
External sources: 1. 2.
Census API source: Chaos API Data?

The Chaos is a directives variant of Thanatos VE70, that comes with preinstalled Extended Magazine and Smart-choke. It's available for completing directives shotgun category.

ADS is highly preferable as it will make COF and spread much tighter comparing to most shotguns (except the Jackhammer), its hipfire COF and spread is worse than normal shotguns.

Damage with Range: ( For 1 pellet ) [ All pellets combined ]

100 @ 5 meters [ 600 damage ]

91 @ 13 meters [ 546 damage ]

84 @ 20 meters [ 504 damage ]


Available attachments
HS/NV Scope (1x) Nanite Systems' HS/NV scope has no magnification, but provides high contrast outlines to nearby objects and illuminates nearby soldiers.
Ns weapon scope hsnv scope
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
HPR Reflex (1x) Designed as a replacement for standard iron sights in close-quarters combat, the Holo-Projected Reticle sight creates an accurate dot-and-circle reticle above the top rail.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Icon weaponAttachment vs redDotSight01
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
VHO Reflex (2x) The revolutionary Vanu Holo-Optic reflex utilizes nanotechnology to project a circle and dot reticle. Additionally, it features a 2X magnitude zoom for better performance in urban combat scenarios.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Icon weaponAttachment vs redDotSight02
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
VMS (3.4x) The Vanu Marksman's Scope is the standard for mid-range engagements. It uses a minimalistic chevron reticle inside of its Vanu-styled housing.
Vs weapon scope vms x3.4
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
V3 Holo (3.4x) Within its ornate triangular housing, the V3 Holo uses a red dot sight and 3.4x magnification for mid-range combat scenarios.
Vs weapon scope v3 holo x3.4
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
OG-4 (4x) Created to better suit carbines and assault rifles for support roles, the OG-4's simple crosshair allows the user to make accurate shots at a distance. It uses 4x magnification perfect for mid-range fights.
Vs weapon scope og-4 x4
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
CSZ (4x) The CSZ's 4x magnification make it a favorite amongst designated marksmen in the Vanu Sovereignty. This scope uses a triple chevron reticle.
Vs weapon scope csz x4
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
Barrel Attachments
No Barrel Attachments available.
Rail Attachments
No Rail Attachments available.
No Ammo available.

History Edit

  • January 12, 2017 Hotfix
    • Max damage from 130@8m to 100@5m
    • Min damage from 50@18m to 84@20m
    • Ammo capacity from 48 to 56
    • Shot reload from 2.1sec. to 1.68sec.
    • Long reload from 3.22sec. to 3.54sec.
    • Cone of Fire bloom from 0.5 to 0
    • ADS pellet spread from 2.5 to 2
    • Vertical recoil from 1.3 to 2.8
    • Horizontal recoil from 0.2 to 0.5
    • Horizontal recoil tolerance from 0.4 to 1.5
    • Hipfire recoil recovery rate from 15 to 8
    • Hipfire recoil recovery rate from 12 to 8

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