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Carbine Overview Edit

Icon-small-tr Icon-small-nc Icon-small-vs Logo ns
LC2 Lynx AF-19 Mercenary Solstice VE3 NS-11C
T5 AMC GD-7F Pulsar C NSX Tanto
TRAC-5 AC-X11 Solstice Burst
TRAC-5 Burst Gauss Compact Burst Solstice SF
TRAC-5 S Gauss Compact S VX6-7
LC3 Jaguar Razor GD-23 Serpent VE92
HC1 Cougar AF-4A Bandit Zenith VX-5
TRAC-Shot 19A Fortuna Eclipse VE3A

Usable By:

Carbines fire rapidly and can quickly take out enemies at close or medium range. They are versatile firearms suited to the widely different needs of weapon style utilized by both the supportive Engineer and the mobile Light Assault. They suffer from quick damage drop-off compared to Assault Rifles and LMGs, as well as slow velocities kept just above SMG and Sidearm bullet velocities. Their biggest advantage is the best stock hipfire cone-of-fire across the weapon board comparable to SMGs.

And unlike other weapons, they maintain good accuracy while airborne.

Carbine StatisticsEdit

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