Page Contents Current As of Patch: GU09
Icon Outpost
Broken Arch Road
Broken Arch Road GU09
Location Indar
Facility Type Outpost
Capture Time 4 Minutes
Capture Points Icon A
Resupply Icon Vehicle Resupply
Terminals Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Sunderer Terminal

Broken Arch Road is an Outpost on Indar. It is one of the major avenues by which an encroaching force might hope to take the Tawrich facilities to the southeast. Defenders should attempt to use the structures flanking the road to their advantage, ambushing and destroying enemy armor as it trundles down the road; they should, however, be wary of aerial forces, something the attackers could use to great effect in order to suppress any troopers holding the road.

If it is not possible to defend the road any further, the remaining defenders should split up; a small force of some of the best-equipped troopers should attempt to hold the invaders at the pass for as long as possible, while valuable vehicles and troopers retreat to the gates of the Tawrich Depot, allowing them to fight another day.

Lattice ConnectionsEdit

Tawrich Depot Crossroads Watchtower
Tawrich Depot GU09
Crossroads Watchtower GU09

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