Page Contents Current As of Patch: 2016-10-24
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The Bounty System allows player to pay 25Icon Daybreak Cash or 50Icon resource certpoints 25x25 to put bounty on their last killer by pressing "Place Bounty" button on the Death Screen.

Mechanics Edit

  • An enemy that kills a player with a bounty on them will earn an extra 250xp for that kill.
  • When a player you have an active bounty set on is killed, you also get 100xp for that kill.
    • If you set a bounty on someone, then killed them, you'd get an additional 500xp - 100 bonus for the bounty kill, and 400 bonus as the person who set the bounty.
  • Bounties stack, and you can have multiple bounties placed at once. That means those bonus 250xp events will happen for each active bounty on the player. (Un)Popular players with a bunch of bounties active on them could be veritable XP explosions.
    • If you killed an enemy with 4 active bounties on them, you'd get 400 bonus xp for that kill in addition to the normal xp rewards.
  • Players with an active bounty on them have a unique spot indicator like this Icon Bounty 2 to denote their status as *hunted*. This indicator behaves just like the normal spot indicator. Once the bounties are cleared, the indicator returns to normal.
  • Hunted players will also see a small indicator like this Icon Bounty on their HUD and will get a text notification to let them know a bounty has been placed on them. Once the bounties are cleared, the indicator will no longer appear.
  • Hunted players that go on kill streaks longer than 3 will be awarded 25 additional bonus experience for each kill.
  • Bounties will persist through log off.
  • If you placed a bounty on someone, but aren't online when someone claims their kills, your experience will queue up and be waiting for you when you log back in.

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible to put a bounty on teammate if you get team killed by him.
  • It takes 367 bounties to complete the Bounty Directive.
    • At 25 DBC per bounty and 22 for members, it would cost 3058.33 and 2691.33 DBC if you get all your bounties. At current conversion rate, (.25c = 25 DBC) it costs $30.58 and $26.91.