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Battle Islands are small competitive Island sized continents. These islands are designed for Platoon sized battles (48 versus 48) on a semi-symmetric battlefield. These islands are for more competitive play, pitting one outfit against another, or a platoon full of strangers.

Battle Islands tries to match you with similar platoons and is not restricted to large outfits in any way. An interesting feature of Battle Islands is not just the Cross-faction competitive play but that you can even compete against platoons within your own faction.

Supposedly, there will be a progressive rank up/certification system to keep everyone on an even footing during the match. This is to keep Battle Rank 100s from dominating over Battle Rank 10 and below, for example.

"We’re going to build three, so we’re going to have three different Battle Islands. The one that we’re showing now is called Nexus. That’s kind of the first one. And then we’re working on another one called Desolation right now." - Matthew Higby :

On live servers, these islands will be limited to a maximum of 250 players on location at a single time. During MLG or competitive matches, they will be limited to 48 versus 48.

List of Battle Islands Edit

Nexus Edit


Nexus is the first Battle Island announced. It features a very rocky snow environment much more rocky than that of Esamir. It features areas such as the Ice Caves which are highly focused on infantry combat, the Frozen Canyon, and the Alpine Forest. It even features an Interlink Facility within the forest.

PlanetSide 2 Nexus Battle Island02:06

PlanetSide 2 Nexus Battle Island

The Nexus Battle Island

Desolation Edit

Desolation is the second Battle Island announced. However, we do not currently know more information other than its name.

Ascension Edit

Ascension is the third Battle Island to be announced. Its name was revealed on Friday Night Ops: Episode 57 by community manager Margaret Krohn. We currently know nothing other than its name.

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