Airborne Assault

Auraxis Airborne Assault is a new Outfit foccusing on Air Assault. We look to build up a large enough player base to manage multiple squads and strategically take points in EU Mallory.

>3A< Mors Ab Alto

"Death from Above"

Military DoctrineEdit

We focus on "Airborne assault" which is either via air dropping ground-based troops deep behind enemy lines, or the use of Liberator gunships to hail fire down on key enemy emplacements. As such >3A< requires Gunship Pilots and Gunners, Dropship Pilots and Mobile Drop Infantry and finally Reaver Escort Pilots.

Official Camo colours of the >3A< is the Rocky Tundra armour skin.

We will generally stick to objective focused gameplay with a MilSim Leadership Heirarchy

Due to the 3A's Airborne speciality, we generally operate as an Offensive group, a good Offense is the best Defense. Typically we strike key objectives of value to the enemy or end a stalemate occupying our Conglomerate. Occasionally we will respond to objectives being captured to re-secure them before the enemy completes the capture if they are worth bringing our full weight to bear.

We now have a TS server which you can access once you have been approved membership. For recruitment either contact Alliarna in game, Ripper via steam or comment here or on the forum recruitment page


Structure and Organisation

  • Too long have the NC struggled with the other Empires despite our technical and practical supremecy, this is due to the lack of Cooperation and structure. We plan to bring this to the NC without explicit rule over the members.


  • No outfit survives without recruits. We actively seek like-minded players who have and share the same drives and desires as us. As a young Outfit we encourage anyone with an interest to apply.


  • Despite how serious this all may sound, our primary focus is always to have fun. This is a game, and we realize that. 



  • This is very important in order to keep our forces organized. A well-disciplined group will always come out the victor in battle. Our outfit is a well-organized fighting force and always will be, as long as we maintain proper discipline. The officers in charge of each man are all experienced, level-headed men, who keep the men under them  informed as to what is going on, gaining the men's cooperation.


  • Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

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