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Auraxis from its orbit

Auraxis is the planet on which the war between the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty takes place.

It consists of the continents of Indar, Esamir, Amerish and Hossin


Auraxis was discovered by a lost fleet of the Terran Republic. The fleet was stranded after a wormhole between the Sol-System and an unknown sector collapsed. Suffering heavy losses, only roughly 75,000 survived the voyage. After 2 years in Space and a subsequent loss of the main ship: Dominator - the last 50.000 survivors found Auraxis. After landing on Auraxis the Terran Republic dispersed drones all over the planet to find lifeforms, but found nothing. No animals - not even insects; only plants. The Terran Republic then proceeded with the colonization of the planet and bestowed name upon it: Auraxis.

"Golden-Years" and the "Great Auraxium-War"Edit

After the colonization of the planet the "Golden-Years" began. This era was 100 years long. There was peace and a united Auraxis. But there was more. Nanite Systems and other corporations found alien artifacts all over the planet. The Nanites are based on the alien technology. They knew,that the artifacts were not made by humans so they called the creators of the artifacts: Vanu. Thousands of scientists investigated these artifacts. But the Terran Republic started a brutal dictatorship. The reason was, that the Republic hadn't made any progress to find a way back to earth. The Terran Republic confiscated all technologies from Nanite Systems and other corporations. After the Republic began to execute people which demonstrated — the  New Conglomerate was born. A war between the 2 factions started and the neutral scientists made their own faction: the Vanu Sovereignty. All factions are fighting each other for the control of the planet. After 50 years the great "Auraxium-War" is still in progress.

See alsoEdit

  • The World of Auraxis is the planet where the massive war between the Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, and the Vanu Sovereignty take place. It consists of four continents: Indar (a dry, evaporated ocean) Esamir( a frozen flatland) Amerish( a lush, mountainous area) and Hossin( a thick, overgrown swampish continent).
  • The Alien species Vanu lived on Auraxis long before the Terran Republic began with the colonisation.
  • Maybe the Vanu reached a new form of existence with the other lifeforms of the planet.

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