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Icon Large Outpost
Arroyo Torre Station
Arroyo Torre Station GU09
Location Indar
Facility Type Large Outpost
Capture Time 7 Minutes
Capture Points Icon AIcon BIcon C
Resupply Icon Vehicle ResupplyIcon Aircraft Resupply
Terminals Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft Terminal
Turrets Icon AVTurretIcon AATurret

Arroyo Torre Station is an Outpost on Indar. It is located close to the South-East Warpgate. This large outpost features three control points, and requires a seven minute capture time. Its narrowness, lack of cover, and proximity to the warpgate make it somewhat difficult to hold for any attacking faction.

In addition, this is a great base for defense because of the natural terrain, and base structure. Not only because the terrain funnels armored columns, but a tower is a great defense point. Plus, with the spawn room and tower being on point A and a large majority of the armor coming towards you from Tawrich Tech Plant on a lower elevation than the bridge, it allows your team to get across to points B and C for some good defense.

Capture PointsEdit

Arroyo Torre Capture Points

Arroyo Torre Station has three control points. Point A is housed within the tower along with the Spawn Room, while points B and C are across the bridge to the north.

Lattice ConnectionsEdit

Arroyo Torre Station Lattice
Copper Ravine Station Tawrich Recycling
Copper Ravine Station GU09
Tawrich Recycling GU09


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