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The Alert system, introduced in GU06 , is a 'dynamic, server-controlled event system'. An Alert is announced to the server, giving all players a single objective, and usually resulting in massive battles in the affected area. Upon completion of the Alert, 5000 XP is awarded to all online players depending on their empires' performance. While the Alert is in progress, players within the affected area receive +30% XP. 

Alert TypesEdit

Amerish alert

An announcement of an Alert

Continental CaptureEdit

  • Feeling The Heat — capture Indar within the time limit
  • Cold War — capture Esamir within the time limit
  • Seeing Green — capture Amerish within the time limit
  • Marsh Madness — capture Hossin within the time limit

In these alerts, the objective is to control the continent in question. These alerts are usually triggered on a continent with an imbalanced population.

Ongoing AlertsEdit

Each Alert lasts for 90 minutes. All players within the specified area gain the +30% XP participation bonus. When the Alert ends, players gain XP in proportion to their factions' progress in the Alert objective, from a pool of 5,000 XP. The status of an ongoing alert can be seen by pressing Tab ↹ (by default).

Amerish alert bar

If the Alert above finished as it currently is, all online TR players would receive 5,000 XP, all VS players would recieve 1,800 XP and all NC players would receive 3,000 XP. (Note that in the example above the total reward is 10 not 5 k exp) This amount will be increased by boosts, etc. The faction that controls the most territory is considered the victor. The victorious empire will gain +5 Victory Points (4 for Indar).

Community InterestEdit

Planetside 2 Alert TrackerEdit

A member of the community, Maelstrome26, has developed the Planetside 2 Alert Tracker website There, each alert is tracked with various indicies, including world populations, territory percentages, facility captures and a facility history timeline. The website offers users the ability to filter by server and time as of writing.

Update: The above website now offers real time alert tracking along with real time player score/kills/suicides/etc.

Other ToolsEdit

Since the Planetside 2 "Cenus" Metadata API release as of January 24th, various services have been developed for the Alert system. A chrome extension has been made, which notifies users when a new alert has started.

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