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The Alerts is a dynamic event system. When an Alert is triggered on the continent, you can press «Show Score Screen» key (Tab ↹ by default) to see objective of the alert.

Upon completion of the Alert, ISO-4, Certs and potentially cosmetics or boosts are awarded to all online players depending on their empires' performance and for how long a player is there for the duration of the Alert.

Alert TypesEdit

Amerish alert

An announcement of an Alert

Meltdown AlertEdit

  • Indar Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment — capture Indar within the time limit.
  • Esamir Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment — capture Esamir within the time limit.
  • Amerish Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment — capture Amerish within the time limit.
  • Hossin Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment — capture Hossin within the time limit.

In these alerts, the objective is to control and lock the continent in question.

These alerts are triggered by a first faction to reach 41% control of the territory, after Warpgates are charged. Faction that has the most territory control at the end of the alert will claim victory over the continent.

This alerts will last 90 minutes.

Other alertsEdit

These Alerts can be triggered on all continents, with the exception of the Tech Plant Alert, which is not triggered on Esamir, while Warpgates are charging.

If a faction captures all relevant facilities, they will automatically win the Alert. If not, the experience rewards will be distributed in proportion to each factions' control of the objectives in question.

Aerial Anomaly Promo
  • Aerial Anomaly — capture anomaly data.

While Aerial Anomaly is active, all air vehicles are free. Faction with the most Research Points at the end of the alert wins. Alternatively, first faction to reach 10 000 Research Points wins before the end of the alert.

This alert will last 30 minutes.

Ongoing AlertsEdit

All players within the specified continent gain the +30% XP participation bonus. When the Alert ends, players gain ISO-4 and cosmetics depending on how their faction performed and how long the player participated in the alert. The ISO-4 given to a player is relative to their time spent in the alert. Players are only eligible for cosmetic rewards if they participated for half or more of the alert.

If a faction triggers and wins the alert, they gain 300 ISO-4 and a random cosmetic or boost. The two other factions only receive 50 ISO-4.

If a faction triggers and loses the alert, they gain 50 ISO-4. The faction that had the most territory when the Alert ended receives 100 ISO-4, but the continent remains unlocked. The remaining faction also receives 50 ISO-4.

Alert Rewards Edit

These are the cosmetics that can be earned by the winning faction. (Please contribute to this list!).

Infantry Rewards
Infantry Armor Infantry Armor Decals Weapons
  • Amerish Fieldplate
  • Esamir Fieldplate
  • Indar Fieldplate
  • Hossin Fieldplate
  • Composite Helmet
  • Composite Armor
  • Classic Bear Claw Decal
  • Classic Bull Head Decal
  • Classic Celtic Decal
  • Classic Devil Decal
  • Classic Eagle Decal
  • Classic Flame Decal
  • Classic Grim Reaper Decal
  • Classic Hornet Decal
  • Classic Match Decal
  • Classic Poodle Decal
  • Classic Raven Decal
  • Classic Red Star Decal
  • Classic Salamander Decal
  • Classic Scorpion Decal
  • Classic Shield Decal
  • Classic Skull Shield Decal
  • Classic Skull Wing Decal
  • Classic Skull Cross Decal
  • Classic Snake Decal
  • Classic Sword Decal
  • Classic Winged Skull Decal
  • Classic Wings Decal
  • Classic Wolf Decal
Vehicle Rewards
Vehicle Decals Lighting Tire
  • Divine Intervention
  • MLG Decal
  • Nikki Nanite Vehicle Decal
  • Homecoming
  • Lady in Red
  • Red Hot
  • Susie Skyguard Vehicle Decal
  • Gina Galaxy Vehicle Decal
  • Angel of Justice
  • L337 Decal
  • White Chassis Lights (Flash/ANT/etc)
Exterior Other (Gear)
Universal Rewards
Camouflage Certification Points Boosts
  • 100 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
  • 30% Resource & Experience Boost
  • One random implant.

Community InterestEdit

Planetside 2 Alert TrackerEdit

A member of the community, Maelstrome26, has developed the Planetside 2 Alert Tracker website There, each alert is tracked with various indicies, including world populations, territory percentages, facility captures and a facility history timeline. The website offers users the ability to filter by server and time as of writing.

Update: The above website now offers real time alert tracking along with real time player score/kills/suicides/etc.

Other ToolsEdit

Since the Planetside 2 "Cenus" Metadata API release as of January 24th, various services have been developed for the Alert system. A chrome extension has been made, which notifies users when a new alert has started.

Notes Edit

  1. Own the NS-44L Blackhand, and participate in at least 90% of an alert then rare drop.
  2. Own the NS-357 Underboss and participate in at least 90% of an alert then rare drop.
  3. Win with 90% participation on Hossin, Rare chance of dropping