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The Alert system, introduced in GU06 , is a 'dynamic, server-controlled event system'. An Alert is announced to the server, giving all players a single objective, and usually resulting in massive battles in the affected area. Upon completion of the Alert, ISO-4 and potentially cosmetics or boosts are awarded to all online players depending on their empires' performance and for how long a player is there for the duration of the Alert. While the Alert is in progress, players within the affected continent receive +30% XP. 

Alert TypesEdit

Amerish alert

An announcement of an Alert

Meltdown AlertEdit

  • Indar Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment — capture Indar within the time limit
  • Esamir Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment— capture Esamir within the time limit
  • Amerish Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment — capture Amerish within the time limit
  • Hossin Liberation/Superiority/Enlightenment— capture Hossin within the time limit

In these alerts, the objective is to control and lock the continent in question.

These alerts are triggered by a faction when they take control of 41% of the territory of that continent and have refined 25,000 cortium using HIVEs. To win the alert, the triggering faction must have at least 36% territory by the end of the alert.

Ongoing AlertsEdit

Each Alert lasts for 45 minutes. All players within the specified continent gain the +30% XP participation bonus. When the Alert ends, players gain ISO-4 and cosmetics depending on how their faction performed and how long the player participated in the alert. The ISO-4 given to a player is relative to their time spent in the alert. Players are only eligible for cosmetic rewards if they participated for half or more of the alert.

If a faction triggers and wins the alert, they gain 300 ISO-4 and a random cosmetic or boost. The two other factions only receive 50 ISO-4.

If a faction triggers and loses the alert, they gain 50 ISO-4. The faction that had the most territory when the Alert ended receives 100 ISO-4, but the continent remains unlocked. The remaining faction also receives 50 ISO-4.

Alert Rewards Edit

These are the cosmetics that can be earned by the winning faction. (Please contribute to this list!).

Infantry Edit

  • Infantry Armor
    • Amerish Fieldplate
    • Esamir Fieldplate
    • Indar Fieldplate
    • Hossin Fieldplate
    • Composite Helmet
    • Composite Armor
  • Infantry Armor Decals
    • Classic Bear Claw Decal
    • Classic Bull Head Decal
    • Classic Celtic Decal
    • Classic Devil Decal
    • Classic Eagle Decal
    • Classic Flame Decal
    • Classic Grim Reaper Decal
    • Classic Hornet Decal
    • Classic Match Decal
    • Classic Poodle Decal
    • Classic Raven Decal
    • Classic Red Star Decal
    • Classic Salamander Decal
    • Classic Scorpion Decal
    • Classic Shield Decal
    • Classic Skull Shield Decal
    • Classic Skull Wing Decal
    • Classic Skull Cross Decal
    • Classic Snake Decal
    • Classic Sword Decal
    • Classic Winged Skull Decal
    • Classic Wings Decal
    • Classic Wolf Decal
  • Weapons

Vehicles Edit

Universal Edit

Community InterestEdit

Planetside 2 Alert TrackerEdit

A member of the community, Maelstrome26, has developed the Planetside 2 Alert Tracker website There, each alert is tracked with various indicies, including world populations, territory percentages, facility captures and a facility history timeline. The website offers users the ability to filter by server and time as of writing.

Update: The above website now offers real time alert tracking along with real time player score/kills/suicides/etc.

Other ToolsEdit

Since the Planetside 2 "Cenus" Metadata API release as of January 24th, various services have been developed for the Alert system. A chrome extension has been made, which notifies users when a new alert has started.