Account Wide Unlocks is a feature, available since Game Update Number 5, that provided to items purchased with Daybreak Cash are automatically unlocked on other characters.

Account Wide Unlocks FAQEdit

What will be unlocked on a new character that’s the same Empire as my existing character?Edit

Any weapons and non-consumable items such as multi-use camo purchased through Daybreak Cash will appear on any new character of the same empire.

What about characters made with other Empires?Edit

Any items specific to an Empire will not be available on other Empires’ characters. For example a New Conglomerate Sweeper Shotgun will only be available on another New Conglomerate character. Common Pool items unlocked with Daybreak Cash will be available across all characters. For example, an NS Annihilator unlocked with Daybreak Cash can be used by all VS, TR, and NC characters on the purchasing account.

What about items I’ve unlocked with certifications points?Edit

Items unlocked with certification points will only be available on the character you unlocked them with. This includes weapons, scopes, extended magazines, C4, etc...

What about attachments I’ve unlocked with DC?Edit

Attachments unlocked with DC will unlock for the faction they are locked to on all characters and servers unless otherwise noted.

What about my vehicle customizations like rims and decals?Edit

These will follow the same rules as non-consumable empire specific items and common pool items. For instance if you buy a decal for a Lightning, it will work on the Lightning on any character.

Will similar secondary weapons on tanks unlock across multiple characters?Edit

Weapons are unique to each vehicle and while they may be similarly named, operate differently. Weapons that would unlock on an empire specific vehicle will not unlock for a different empire. For instance a Vanguard M12 Kobalt will not be unlocked for the Prowler or Magrider.

How do I know what is faction-specific?Edit

Faction-specific items have their faction icon in their image in the store. Items with this icon are only available to characters of that faction on that account. Items without this icon are available to all characters on that account.

Account wide unlocks
Items highlighted in red have the TR icon in the bottom-left corner, and are TR only. Items highlighted in white are not limited to any faction.

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