" The will of the Vanu is the way of Enlightenment, so we shall have great pleasure in forcing it upon the ignorant populace of the Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate," - 1st Vanu Core's Leader, HitlersCookBook.

1st Vanu CoreEdit

are a group of Vanu militants who operate on the Helios server. Many of the Vanites in the Core, who were free thinkers who thought the NC was to brawny and not brainy. The leader, HitlersCookBook, was one of the first Vanu militants who proved adept in persuasion and "Blitzkrieg" attacks. He
Vanu pic 1

The Core's Loyalties

even converted co-founder squigface, to the Vanu cause. The Core's sworn enemy is the NATACC Conglomerate installment
Vanu pic 2

A Vanu Core Soldier

The Vanu Core is currently operative and active. If you would like to join please comment and you shall revive a invitation.

VANU CORE UPDATE DECLASSIFIED AS OF 2/15/13 #1: The war against NATACC has been somewhat unfruitining. Our enemy does not even know we are at war, we still maintain the element of surprise. The repeated offenses of NATACC member Slamminslug, has given me a more intense longing for battle to take place.


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